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Ornamental Benders

A Baileigh Industrial metal bender is the perfect complement to any fabrication shop that has limited production requirements for bending flat bar stock, angle iron, wrought iron and much more. These ornamental benders are perfect for the home shop, metal artists, or any industrial arts department. These benders offers several models to choose from to meet any of your metal bending requirements.

The FB-4 metal bender is a form bender that can be bench or floor stand mounted. This is a very small but powerful metal bender that is actuated by a simple fine threaded screw handle that draws the punch into the v-die for press bending metal to varying degrees.

The MCB-650 universal bender is a great manual bender for bending flat bar, angle iron, as well as solid bars or rods in varying shapes. It works well with bendable brass, copper, aluminum, mild and stainless steel. If you're going to craft things out of metal this is a must have metal bender for any hobbyist, school, ornamental or fabrication shop.

The MPB-10 scroll bender is a very valuable metal bender to have when scrolling wrought iron for fences and gates. The manual bender can be bench or floor stand mounted and takes up very little room in any ornamental fabrication shop.

The MPB-15 universal bender is a general metal bender for most types of mild steel, iron, etc., in varying shapes such as flat bar, solid rod, solid square or rectangle. This manual bender machine has attachments that allow the fabricator to scroll bend, radius bend various materials and shapes, and also allows for angle bending. This universal bender combines several metal Benders into one simple small machine. It is a profitable piece of equipment that can be bench or floor stand mounted depending on your production requirements and floor space needs.

Baileigh metal Benders offer tons of value for a small investment and will withstand years of bending projects. We typically carry all of these manual bender machines in stock for fast shipments. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call one of our representatives who are very knowledgeable with most bending applications.

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  1. Ornamental Bender (MCB-650)

    $185.00 $ plus VAT
    • Manual operation
    • Bends up to 200°
    • 50mm x 6mm bend capacity
    • 7 radius dies included
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  2. Ornamental Scroll Bender (MPB-10)

    $175.00 $ plus VAT
    • Manual operation
    • Bench mounted
    • 10mm round bend capacity
    • 3 scroll dies included
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  3. Ornamental Scroll Bender (MPB-15)

    $280.00 $ plus VAT
    • Manual operation
    • Bench mounted
    • 15.9mm round bend capacity
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