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Baileigh's arbor press machines consists of 3 ton ratchet leverage and 5 ton single leverage machines.  Both sheet metal forming arbor presses are made from heavy duty ductile cast iron frames that are precision machined on the base, ram housing and 4 position bottom plate.  This makes the metal forming arbor press machine extremely stable, accurate, and rigid for perfect presses every time.

The square rams are made from surface ground steel that is case hardened to offer years of pressing in bearings, broaching and much more.  The 4 position bottom plate offers several options that are very useful when broaching different sizes of materials.  Our 3 and 5 ton arbor press machines can be bench or pedestal mounted depending on the preference of the operator.

Baileigh arbor presses have been designed and built to offer years of profitable service for the fabrication or machine shop operator. We typically have an arbor press in stock for quick turnarounds. Call for more information on any of the Baileigh metal forming machines.

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  1. Arbor Press (AP-3R)

    $160.00 $ plus VAT
    • Manually operated
    • 2.7 metric tons of pressure
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  2. Arbor Press (AP-5)

    $405.00 $ plus VAT
    • Manually operated
    • 5 metric tons of pressure
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